About Fairing Repair

Here at Plasticfix, we specialize in motorcycles: plastic repairs such as road rash, cracked fairings, reinstalling broken tabs, plastic modifications on fairings. metal fuel tank repairs to include: stud-welding dents in fuel tanks welding: sheet metal welding, aluminum welding by tig and mig metal fabrication paint work to include: hard line graphics on sport bikes and Harleys, buffing: color sanding and polishing all paintwork before delivery. Materials used: 3M prep materials, House of Color paints, and clears, European clears, metal flake, pearls, chameleon, plastic repair materials used: European repair materials for plastic parts. The key to optimal effect is the paint and material used including the correct guns (all spray equipment used is Sata spray equipment). Plasma cutting for metal fabrication

Plasticfix has more than sixteen years of experience in the field. Our satisfaction is delivering a finished product done to the specifications of our customers Fairing's are very easily damaged in a crash and very expensive to replace. Most repair shops won't touch them. For a total of about 10 hours of work you can repair a fairing part, and with very little extra time you can repair several..
These parts are basically injection-molded glass-reinforced resin. They are not laid up on a mold out of individual strips. This means that you cannot sand down to find a stronger "base" to mend; the entire part is a homogeneous mix of fibers and resin. When there is a break, the fibers pull apart throughout the broken area, and they will not go back together. This is important! To get the parts back together properly (from a complete break) the edges must be cleaned of glass fibers. We ran a coping saw blade through the break on one fairing to ensure that we could get the spacing correct again.

BIKE TECHNIQUE Your bike deserves a high quality striking finish. I specialize in custom motorcycle paint work, airbrushing and repair. I have a reputation for commitment, skill, quality finishes and a dedication to our customers. I strive for the high quality, long lasting body and paint work; no short-cuts or quickies. I personally make sure each and every customer is completely satisfied by working on a one-to-one basis with your ideas and visions. Whether nostalgic or modern graphics, I can make your dream a reality. All work will have an up-front price tag and time frame so there are no surprises for you or me. In the following pages, you'll find a few examples of my work. Hope you enjoy. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you!


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